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Since his band will be playing a handful of dates with the Hold Steady though, we figured we should get him to talk about Deer Tick, as well as a surprisingly varied host of other topics. Overall I guess I have done a lot of work to create a better life for myself. I stopped taking drugs and that was a big step, I guess. I still drink, but now that I have gone through detox, I get pretty drunk after only a couple of drinks, so it’s much easier to keep myself in check. Here, I'm sitting at the piano right now, I'll play it for you. Just doing that kind of took the song to a whole new realm.METRO: So if Deer Tick is the furthest thing from your mind, what have you been up to? Writing about everything was kind of like step one. How has the different approach with the other guys in the band? The demo version does sound like it could go on our first record, that’s the funny thing. So it’s like 3 percent alcohol, so you don’t really get drunk on it.

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She is popular in the world from her own album Be Not Nobody.

On 19th of June, 2010, she announced that she is interested in both man and woman and she is proud to be bisexual woman.

Vanessa has been friends with Stevie for while now, she just kind of asked Stevie if she would do the thing or whatever. RELATED: Click here to read about how Nirvana influenced John Mc Cauley Are you living in Tennessee still? I was just looking at the press release for that Record Store Day release and it had a lot of personal information in there about your dad going to jail, and what a tough year you'd had.

I think that's where you were the last time we spoke. This tour with us and them it’s just kind of a no-brainer, I’m surprised it hasn’t happened before. Do you have anything up your sleeves, like covering a Hold Steady song out of the blue or anything? [Mc Cauley's father pleaded guilty to federal charges of conspiracy and tax fraud, ultimately leading to a prison sentence.] Is that hard for you to have that out there? It was either put it out there first or I guess set the record straight before anybody could speculate on what was really going on.

If we had just recorded it a different way, they wouldn’t know any better and would probably like it. I have tried to learn ["A Thousand Miles"] but it’s too tricky for me. I was actually pretty involved with a few songs on her new record, which doesn’t have a release date right now. What do you have planned for your trip to Puerto Rico? I have a friend that lives in Dorado, right outside San Juan, I have been trying to go once a year and I couldn’t go last year, so I am excited to go back.

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