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As a result of his mother's deafness, Gil became fluent in American Sign Language in order to be able to communicate with her. Later in the episode Nick also reveals that he lost a science competition and Grissom tells him to let it go.In the earlier seasons of CSI, it becomes clear that Gil is also beginning to lose his hearing as well; however, after seeking medical treatment, the disease was prevented from developing. In his childhood science competition, Grissom was the kid with the ants.

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Grissom earned his Bachelor of Science degree in biology magna cum laude from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and his Ph. In the season two episode "Bully for You", he told Warrick that in high school, he was a "ghost" (meaning that he did not belong to any group in particular).

At the same time, he also attended boxing matches to learn about the patterns of bruise formations on bodies and eventual blood spatters from the injuries.

Gil Grissom was brought in to assist in the apprehension.

Grissom was born as an only child to a middle-class family in Santa Monica, California.

Jorja Fox underwent a career as a fashion model as a teenager before then switching to acting.

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