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While it was mistakenly thought the website would become invite-only, Fetlife administrators added an option to verify an account with an anonymous text message as an alternative to getting an invitation from an existing member.

If you’re thinking about starting a dating site then advandate is the clear choice.

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If you are more in the mood for steamy sensual chat, jump in the Hot Tub where the water is hot, and so are the people in it, members of the free adult dating site.

Richie's picture showed a jolly, bearded man curled up on a couch with a cat rubbing his face.

Note that we had a challenge not present for a typical Ska Date installation: migrating ~1100 user accounts (and mail messages) from one unknown system to another.

Expect some bugs and frustrations, but hey, you only paid 0!

Ensuring that people with a disability have maximum quality of life is very important.

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